The first and most important thing to know about FAERIE FEST or FF for short is that it is an act of love. It was inspired by a friend who created the first one and it is dedicated to the child in all of us. So it’s safe and fun. Those are two things we tend to take for granted.

Here’s a basic rundown of what to expect, day by day and hour by hour. We realize most people will arrive Friday evening. So we’re holding the Genie’s Bottle ritual until that evening, but we’re having the official Opening Rite earlier in the day.

Since I  believe in giving credit where it’s due, I wish to acknowledge that many elements of this are inspired by Pan Pagan, a truly great festival that has been taking place since 1976 – forty-two years of love, fun and education. Many of the founders have passed on to the Summerlands, but the traditions they created remain as viable and relevant today as ever. I doff my cap to them all.


10 am Gate Officially Opens. If you arrive before that, it’s absolutely fine, but you may have to honk to catch someone’s attention; and we’ll waddle out to get you registered. In fact, we encourage earlier arrivals, because we love you all and the more time we get to spend with you, the better.

HIGH NOON – ALAS, WITHOUT GARY COOPER! Older folks will get that attempt at humor. Anyway, this is the time for OPENING RITE, which truly is a solemn and important moment; and we humbly ask that everyone gathered joins us at mid-field. We want to hold hands, call upon the loving spirits of the land, all of our ancestors, and the gods we serve to spend the next few days with us, bless us, and enjoy the festivities in their honor.

1 – 4 PM Various classes, workshops, and activities to be filled in as we get closer to the event, but right now, here is what we have. We’re not going to be doing all of these, but one or two of the most popular, and, guess what, you decide?


  • Not-so-flying Statues: a slower motion variety of the classic game only you get to be Curator and NOT Just old random statues, but representations of various Gods. This is a neat, and safe, way to teach a few basic lessons, because each statue gets a small card to wear explaining who the Goddess or God is and what each represents.
  • Word Search: nope, this isn’t a board game. It’s a game to be played in the field. You literally search for a series of words on cards not-so-secretly “hidden” and then having found them, come back, put your clues together, and solve a riddle or puzzle that’s explained at the outset.
  • Ruby Roo and the Ghost Chasers: a blatant rip-off of the children’s classic complete with costuming and a not-so-scary ghost who is hiding among the guests. We’ll also be playing this at night, which will be even more fun.


  • Magic 101: an introduction to the science and the art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will. What magic is and isn’t. What it actually can and cannot do. What Will means in this context. And why it’s all important, anyway.
  • Paganism 101: one group’s explanation of what it means to be and live Pagan, an ethical, life-affirming nature based spiritual path.
  • Wicca 101 or One of Many Pagan Paths: So how does Wicca differ from Paganism in general? What’s the background? Are there different types?

5 PM: Dinner break. We’re not sure whether we’re going to do food service for this event. So plan on packing your own. If we add food service, we will post it here. We want people to have fun at this event; and how much fun can you have over a hot stove in the Summer, right?

7 PM THE BOTTLE OF THE MAGIC GENIE RITUAL. This one is designed to tug at your heartstrings a little bit. So, please, bring tissues. We open the bottle and invite the spirits of the gathering to join and take up residence or at least place a little piece of their spirits in there if they so choose; and, you, by breathing into the bottle, add a little of your own spirit to it. This may not seem very important on the surface, but in years to come when some of us have gone our merry way, it will, if nothing else, remind you of the love being shared on that field and in that moment. Then next year, when the bottle is reopened, those spirits can join us again; and dance, sing and make merry for a few precious days.

8 PM STORY TIME. As sages and crones of villages of old did for their children and grandchildren, we will take a little time to share an affirming tale of love and nature, the importance of family and community, and how we might make ours a little better world.